The UPCI Children’s Ministries has established a fund called the UPCI Children’s Disaster Relief Fund to assist children in the case of disasters. We will work in harmony with all UPCI designated relief agencies and our funds will be focused on assisting children to transition from a disaster back to everyday living. These disasters could be floods, fire, hurricanes, or any local disaster. We plan to work with local UPCI churches to help give gifts for children that may be affected in disaster areas. Our initial plan is to fill backpacks with stuffed animals, water bottles and maybe a blanket. This will be our first resource distributed to the children. The ultimate goal is to utilize local churches and pastors who could add their church information to the backpack. It is our goal that the local church could use this program to help disciple children into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will help bring humanitarian efforts into discipleship projects. The UPCI Children’s Ministries would like to help the hurting children in disasters. The fund is set up for donations and we are ready to help any affected areas in North America.