January 1     Save Our Children Kickoff
January 5-16   Global SOC Crusades – Thailand – Evangelist Kevin Merriman
January 14-16  Mid-Winter Meeting – Embassy Suites, St. Charles, Missouri
February 5-9 – Washington District SOC Rallies
February 20-21    TrainUp (Training Those that Minster to Children – Mesquite, Texas  – Pastors Richard and Chad Flowers
February 26-March 1    Kentucky District SOC Rallies
March 4-8     Oregon District SOC Rallies ***CANCELLED***
March 13-14     JBQ Extravaganza-Southwest – San Bernardino, California – Pastor McClain ***CANCELLED***
March 20-21    JBQ Extravaganza South Central – Mesquite, Texas – Pastors Richard  & Chad Flowers ***CANCELLED***
March 24-29    Mississippi District SOC Rallies ***CANCELLED***
March 27-28    JBQ Extravaganza Southeast – Jacksonville, Florida – Pastor Rick Olson ***CANCELLED***
April 3-4    JBQ Extravaganza North Central – Mattoon, Illinois — Pastor Derold Doughty ***CANCELLED***
April 8-12    Pennsylvania District SOC Rallies. ***CANCELLED***
April 12    Easter Sunday
April 15-17    SOC Global Crusades – Chile ***CANCELLED***
April 15-19    South Texas District SOC Rallies. ***CANCELLED***
April 17-18    JBQ Extravaganza Northeast – Ashburn, Virginia – Pastor Chester Mitchell. ***CANCELLED***
April 24-25    JBQ Extravaganza Northwest – Lynwood, Washington – Pastor Gary Blaylock. ***CANCELLED****
May 12-20     SOC Global Crusades – Zimbabwe – Cape Town – Madagascar & Botswana. **CANCELLED**
May 31    Pentecost Sundaty
June 1    Save Our Children District Deadline (all funds should be in District)
June 10    Save Our Children Funds must be in UPCI Headquarters
July 25-30    Junior Bible Quizzing Finals – Branson, Missouri. ***CANCELLED***
August 6-7  TrainUp (Training Those That Minister to Children) – York, Pennsylvania – Pastor Jerry Tipton.  ***CANCELLED****
August 12-16    Rocky Mountain District SOC Rallies
August 15     District of the Year Form Due
September 2-6    West Virginia District SOC Rallies
September 21     CM Planning Committee Meeting – General Conference – St. Louis, Missouri
September 22    CM Board Meeting – General Conference – St. Louis, Missouri
September 22-25    General Conference – St. Louis, Missouri
October 7-11    Nova Scotia District SOC Rallies
October 23-25     Quebec District SOC Rallies
October 28-November 1    Western District SOC Rallies
November 4-8    Oklahoma District SOC Rallies