Why Start a Bible Quiz Team

Author: Steve Cannon

  1. They learn the Word of God
  2. The word of God can completely change their lives.
  3. They’ll be more knowledgeable and it will help them in their daily lives. Their walk with God.
  4. It gives them a steadier walk with God. Every day they are in the word of God.
  5. Services and prayer meetings at quiz tournament are not like any other around. There have been hundreds of kids and teenagers who received the Holy Ghost at quiz tournaments.
  6. There is no way you can get so many young people who have devoted their lives to God in one place and not have an awesome move of God. It helps keep them in church.
  7. 80 percent of Apostolic teenagers end up out of the church. That means the church only had a 20 percent retention rate.
  8. Those involved in Bible quizzing have the exact opposite happen. Of children and teenagers who have been involved in quizzing for three or more consecutive years, 80 percent stay in church the rest of their lives. Whereas only 20 percent of the same group backslides.
  9. The longer they are in quizzing, the higher the chance they’ll stay in goes up. When you learn why you believe something, you’re more likely to always believe. Quizzing improves the study habits of teenagers and children.
  10. Being involved in quizzing helps students to learn how they best study.
  11. Many students in school need improvement, not in what they study.
  12. HOW they study. Quizzing allows them to learn more efficient ways to study.
  13. Bible quizzers are usually the smarter in their classes in school. Better time management.
  14. Bible quizzing teaches teenagers and children stability and scheduling helps in their everyday lives. Quizzing creates better attitudes toward winning and losing.
  15. Many young people learn their attitude for winning and losing from the sports arena. Quizzing allows them to learn how to win and lose quizzes with grace and still having confidence because of the Word put in their hearts. Good friends.
  16. Through quizzing your children will meet hundreds of other kids who have a passion for God and His word. There are hundreds of young people who have met their best friends and future spouses through quizzing. It makes them smarter!
  17. Through quizzing they learn hundreds of verses each year, which does not take away memory capacity but makes more available.
  18. Many kids don’t think they can quiz because they don’t have a good memory when quizzing actually solves that problem.


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