Building an Effective Kid’s Ministry

Author: Justin Hamby

The gift of being a minister to children is being there at the pivotal moments in their lives as they experience holiness, Godliness, and truth in a world that is constantly pulling them in other directions. In this session, we will explore tactics, ideas, and execution of how to overcome the call of the world and direct their hearts toward God. We will explore pop-culture, memes, video games, and other external influences by implementing and teaching peer leadership, mentorship, and developing a passion for ministry in kids today.

Involve Kids in Lessons

To be used, you had to follow rules:
Be a worshipper.
Be involved.
Be in your seat.

Evolved into relying heavily on media:
Intro video.
YouTube songs.
We let the kids choose the songs.

Turned into a ministry teaching kids’ ownership of their own program. “Church of the Future”

Kids between 8-11 are taught how to:
Lead Songs
Door Greeters
Altar Workers
Peer leaders
Media, Lights, and Sound.

Every kid, every age has a job to do in ROK

Ages 5-6: Enjoy the service and learn all the motions/rules/games/songs

Ages 7-8: Teach the 5-6 year olds how to be involved

Ages 9-10: Lead songs/teams and volunteer

Age 11: Step in as if they are part of the staff — Fill in for media, lights, sound; wear costumes for silly songs Lead worship from the seats Welcome new kids Controlling the Narrative • Keeping them focused • What gets their attention? • What gets them motivated? • Create lessons/characters/personas based on your findings. Understanding Kid Culture All-Around • Knowing the references: Movies, Games, Mobile, Video, Memes, Online persona: We all know Spongebob but who here knows Pewdiepie? • Why are they doing what they’re doing? Seek to understand, not to admonish. • Let the kids take the lead. No one knows their culture better than they do. • Don’t be afraid to test new ideas.


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